Tournament Rules

General Tournament Information

  • The home team must wear light colored uniform tops and the away team must wear dark colored uniform tops.
  • Game officials have the authority to eject players and coaches for poor sportsmanship at their discretion. All ejections are reviewed by the referee assignor and tournament director(s).
  • All coaches must check-in at the designated location and receive a wristband in order to sit on the bench. USA Gold licensed coaches that have been added to your roster through the NCAA BBCS can sit on your team bench.
  • Coaches are responsible for controlling team spectators and fans. Referees and tournament officials have the authority to ask a player or fan to leave for unsportsmanlike conduct. Teams can receive technical fouls for the actions of their coaches, players and spectators for any distractions ruled as unsportsmanlike conduct by the tournament staff.
  • If a coach, player, or spectator is ejected from the game, he or she may be suspended for the next game during tournament play at the tournament director’s discretion. The suspended coach, player or spectator may not be allowed on the property for the game in which they are suspended if the tournament director feels it is necessary. An ejected coach, player, or spectator must leave the vicinity of the playing court and must be out of earshot and out of sight of the officiating staff.
  • Any tournament participant (player, coach, fan, or referee) that has a physical interaction with another player, fan, coach, or referee will be suspended for not only that weekend’s event, but also indefinitely. A return to the facility is at the discretion of the Open Gym Premier tournament staff. Fighting will not be tolerated at OGP events.
  • Strictly Hoops does not condone the use of racial slurs from players, parents, or coaches. Use of racial slurs is grounds for ejection from the event.
  • Players will be allowed to play no more than 2 games a day and no more than 5 games in 3 days during spring events.
  • For any game that results in a forfeit, the score will be 15 – 0. The winning team receives a +15 and the losing team receives a -15.
  • All other rules, not specifically mentioned herein, will be in accordance with CIF “Southern Section” high school basketball rules.

Game Rules

  • All games will consist of two 20-minute halves.
  • All games will be running clock unless game is within 10 points or fewer in the final two minutes of the game in which a stop clock will be used.
  • Teams will be in single bonus at seven (7) team fouls and will shoot one-and-one at 7 fouls. When a team reaches ten (10) team fouls for the half, the other team will shoot double bonus.
  • Each team receives three full timeouts per game and one additional timeout per overtime. Unused timeouts do not carry into overtime periods.
  • Players foul out if they receive five personal fouls. In high school divisions, foul out will be at six fouls.
  • Each game will have a minimum of five minutes of warm-up time and halftime will be three minutes. Overtime periods will be two-minute stop clock time. If there is a third overtime period, the game’s result will be decided by sudden death (first team to score would win).
  • If two players on the same team have duplicate numbers and it is caught by either the referee or the scorekeeper, a technical foul will be assessed. If a player shows up late to a game with a duplicate number, a technical may be assessed then as well. If it is not caught by halftime by any party, it cannot be called in the second half of the game.
  • Players cannot play on two teams during the same game time slot, regardless of program. Once a player has checked into a game, they cannot leave that game to play for another team.
  • In all divisions, players may enter the lane when the ball is released out of the shooter’s hand.
  • The home team is responsible for providing the game ball.
  • Only one coach is allowed to stand at a time per team and must stay in the designated coaching box. A coach does NOT need to sit after their first technical foul.
  • All boys divisions 6th Grade / 12U and up will use the full size 29.5 regulation basketball. All girls divisions, and boys divisions in 5th Grade and below will use the 28.5 size basketball.
  • Jewelry including necklaces, rings, and metal bracelets are not permitted. Stud earrings are only permitted if they are properly taped and as long as the official can confirm that they do not pose a risk for harm or injury.
  • Any team which does not have five players (or their head coach) by the start of the game will be given a grace period of ten (10) minutes before the game starts. After ten (10) minutes, the team may choose to play with four players, utilize an assistant coach or parent to supervise the kids, or Open Gym Premier reserves the right to enforce a forfeit.
  • In divisions 11U/5th Grade and younger, teams that have a lead of 20 points or more may no longer use a full-court press defense.
  • Rules that are not listed here will be in accordance with NFHS basketball rules.